• Alex Mann is a certified Level 1 Coach for Precision Nutrition using the program ProCoach.

  • Precision Nutrition has been featured in Time Magazine, Men and Women’s Health Magazine, The New York Post, and many more.

  • Sports organizations such as the UFC, Toronto Maple Leafs, Houston Rockets, and Cleveland Browns have all consulted with the Precision Nutrition team.

Procoach is a 12-month habit based program through Precision Nutrition with Alex as your coach every stop along the way of your weight loss journey. 

  •  Every day you will receive a skill-building practice geared towards changing your unhealthy habits into healthy ones 
  • Programs are available to men and women of all ages and of all fitness levels
  • The program just takes 10 minutes a day to invest in yourself to finally reach your weight loss goals
  • Your first month is completely free and includes a quick start guide to get you going from day 1 



Alex Mann has been my exceptional personal trainer for almost two years. Over that time he has gone above and beyond to help me reach my goals and address my needs by consistently putting together thoughtful, challenging workouts that never get dull and coaching me through his Precision Nutrition program with great results. I fully trust his guidance on everything from exercise to diet to recovery and would highly recommend him to anyone.
Chastity E.

I am happy to say that with the help of Alex Mann and Mann Power fitness I am down 196 to 178 pounds presently, running on average 15 miles a week, lowered all levels of blood pressure/cholesterol and in the best shape I’ve been in since I was in college. It hasn’t been easy…but I could not…and would not…recommend anyone else for someone looking to improve their overall physical fitness!

Scott W.
Since working with Alex, I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life! Alex always comes prepared with effective workouts that target my specific athletic needs. His workouts are constantly changing which make it fun and always challenging. Finally, he is one of the kindest people you will come across.
Holyn K.
Over more than a year working with Alex, I’ve enjoyed two cycles of marathon training injury-free, improving my personal best each race. His prescribed workouts helped build strength and stability to aid my running. He is responsive, helpful and thorough — even if you live thousands of miles away.
Bradley W.
Alex’s advanced knowledge and calm, professional disposition, have kept me engaged, motivated, and most importantly safe! In three short months I have developed more balance, flexibility, and strength. Oh, and did I mention I feel younger!? I can’t imagine training with anyone else.
Pamela D.
Great customized workout plans meant especially for your goals. I really loved knowing that if something doesn’t go as planned (like I wasn’t comfortable on the machine) then there is always a way that my workouts will be modified for me. It’s all about my goals.
Anjali P.
The best thing about training with Alex is that the workouts he creates are quick and effective. Time is limited, so having a trainer that understands how to get results in a duration that fits my schedule is important. I love the extra attention to my diet as well!
Amy A.
Working with Alex Mann and the Precision Nutrition Coaching program was my answer. I needed accountability in the kitchen and the PN Coaching philosophy is amazing. Working with Alex, I have lost that infamous last 10 pounds, actually 11, and 12.75 inches and reached my goal weight in 5 ½ months. All without starving myself or feeling deprived, just making sound food choices and eating healthy.
Cheri F.

Alex is a dedicated trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough (Alex, you are KILLING me!”) and encouraging (“You got this, just 10 more seconds”), His workouts change every time and always challenging. Because of his efforts, I am stronger and I have more energy. Most importantly, I can keep up with my kids. I recommend him without reservation.

Meghan M.

I train with Alex because he is an expert in his field. Over the last two years his targeted, result driven workouts helped me successfully complete four marathons while rehabbing two torn ACL’s. Alex is always 100% vested in providing unique, tailored routines that challenge me and enable me to reach my fitness goals.

Heather W.
I have been working consistently with Alex for over one year. My goals were lowering body fat, gaining muscle, and improving/raising my tennis rating. All achieved! Alex is always on time, prepared and constantly learning new information to help me. I 100% recommend him.
Lori F.


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